Zoom / Virtual Meeting Help Guide

If you have the course CD: Mute everyone else and play the CD as close to your computer microphone as possible.

If your computer has a CD player or you have the downloaded course audio on your computer: At the bottom of the screen click on the ‘Share Screen’ icon, then at the top of the next screen click on ‘Advanced’, then click the option ‘Music or Computer Sound Only’. The first time you try to share audio you may be asked to ‘Install Zoom Audio Device’; follow the instructions to install. Play the audio track on your computer using your preferred media player and everyone will be able to hear it. To stop sharing audio, click ‘Stop Share’ at the top of the screen.

We suggest the Group Leader checks the audio set-up with a helpful friend before hosting their first virtual meeting.

We suggest that when you arrange meetings you let all group members know in advance that, if it looks as though you’re going to run out of time with your free 40 minutes, should that actually happen and you get cut off, everyone should log off and just log back on again using the same invitation settings.
Virtual meetings are great – although they can be quite tiring! But the great thing is that they’re free – and of course you can chop the course into as many bite-sized pieces as you like. Although each course is divided into either 4 or 5 sessions, you can take as many zoom meetings as you like to complete each session. In our experience, people are enjoying the fellowship that being part of a group brings – and you could ‘meet’ more often than weekly, if that suits everyone.