Superstar – Taster Pack


5 Session – Taster Pack


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Superstar – Taster Pack

The course booklet is written by DAVID WILBOURNE who studied Natural Sciences and Theology at Cambridge. David has been a vicar and published six books. Having worked with three Archbishops of York, he went on to serve as Assistant Bishop of Llandaff.

“It’s 1970 – Edward Heath becomes PM, Apollo 13 limps back to earth, and Jesus Christ Superstar takes the West End by storm, asking daring questions that gave colour to my former monochrome faith and fired my vocation. Half a century on, its message remains just as relevant, and we explore themes from its iconic lyrics in the 5 sessions of this course”. 

Five sessions: 

Session 1. Who is Jesus?

Session 2. Miracles

Session 3. The Psalms

Session 4. The Church

Session 5. Cross Purposes