Rich Inheritance – CD


5 Session – CD

Five 14/15-minute radio-style starters for group discussion. A transcript of the words as spoken on the recorded material is available.

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Rich Inheritance – Jesus’ legacy of love

A 5-session ecumenical COURSE for discussion groups – IDEAL FOR LENT or any time of year

Jesus didn’t write a will. He left no written instructions. He didn’t seem to have a plan. At the end, as he hung dying on the cross, almost all of his followers had abandoned him. By most worldly estimates his ministry was a failure. Nevertheless, Jesus’ message of reconciliation with God lived on. It is the central message of the Bible. With this good news his disciples changed the world. How did they do it? What else did Jesus leave behind – what is his ‘legacy of love’? This course addresses these questions.

Session 1 – An empty tomb
Session 2 – A group of people
Session 3 – A story
Session 4 – A power
Session 5 – A meal

The course booklet, written by Bishop Stephen Cottrell, includes questions aimed at provoking wide-ranging discussion. Each group needs 1 copy of the course  audio, plus a course booklet for each member. In addition many groups find the transcript, which cross-references to the tracks on the recorded material, invaluable.

The participants on the course audio are RC Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols; writer and lecturer in Biblical studies, Paula Gooder; and author and public theologian, Jim Wallis. Methodist minister Inderjit Bhogal provides the thoughtful Closing Reflection at the end of each session.