Praise Him – Transcript


5 Session – Transcript

Sets out the words as heard on the course audio in an easy-to-follow format. Cross-references with the track numbers of the recorded material.
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Praise Him – songs of praise in the New Testament

An ecumenical course in five sessions written by Dr Paula Gooder- ideal for Lent, yet not Lent-specific

Comprising course booklet, audio and transcript

We are used to singing hymns of praise when we go to church but often we miss the hymns and poems that are there in the New Testament. This course will explore five different Songs of Praise from the New Testament, looking at what they tell us about God and Jesus but also reflecting on what they tell us about us and our faith.

Five Sessions:
1. Gratitude (Ephesians 1.3-14)

2. Image of God (Colossians 1.15-20)

3. Humility (Philippians 2.5-11)

4. New birth (1 Peter 1.3-12)

5. Word made flesh (John 1.1-14)