Living in the Light – Course booklet


4 Session – Course booklet
The 4-session course booklet, written by Canon Robert Warren, works hand-in-hand with the course audio and includes a good selection of questions aimed at provoking wide-ranging discussion. Please click on the link below to view sample pages from this booklet:

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Living in the light

This 4-session course is just right for the 4 weeks of Advent – but suitable for any time of year.

Comprising course booklet, audio and transcript

“Faithful, feisty, pragmatic, and unfailingly pastoral, Warren explores the depths with a light and humble touch, prompted by Stanley’s gentle and skilful questions … With additional comments from four people in the pews, the four-part course gathers such momentum that by the third session, nearly every line hits home.”   (Church Times review)

Witnesses to a single event often give contrasting reports. When the event is God’s coming to this world as a child it is not just fascinating, it is highly instructive. It opens our eyes not only to what God is like, but to how life can be lived to the full. This course explores the ‘reports’ of Luke, John, Mary and Paul. In doing so it engages with the distinctive nature of Christian spirituality and how we can give expression to it in our lives, thus living the light of Christ’s coming.

Four Sessions:

Session (1) Luke’s reporting of the coming of Christ

Session (2) John’s reflections on the coming of Christ

Session (3) Mary’s response to the coming of Christ

Session (4) Paul rejoices in the coming of Christ

The course materials comprise of a course booklet, course audio, and a transcript booklet (which sets out the words exactly as spoken on the recorded material). The course booklet and audio work hand-in-hand with each other and both are essential in following the development of the themes raised in this course.

The course booklet, written by Canon Robert Warren, includes questions aimed at provoking wide-ranging discussion. Each group needs a copy of the course audio, and ideally a course booklet for each member. In addition many groups find the transcript booklet, which cross-references to the tracks on the recorded material, invaluable.