Life to the full?


A brand new 4-session ecumenical course for discussion groups  – ideal for Advent(or any time of year)
Comprises course booklet, audio and transcript.

“This series will enable evangelism at the grass roots” (Church Times review 2018)

“This is a short, sharp, generous course which offers much. Those who I sampled it with were much taken by it.” (Review in RCA 2018)


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Life to the full? – Course Booklet

Course author Matt Woodcock features on the accompanying audio material, with contributions from churchgoers of different denominations.

Modern mindfulness techniques stress the importance of emptying yourself in order to feel better inside. Not so with the Christian faith. Our chief pursuit is fullness. ‘I have come so that they may have life, and have it to the full’, says Jesus Christ. And yet – if we’re honest – it doesn’t always feel like that. This course explores what it might actually mean to experience fullness in the midst of our messy lives. What does it look like? Why does it seem so elusive? What causes us to run on empty? And how can we lead others to experience this fullness? 

Four sessions: 

Session 1: Hummingbird or Arctic Fox?

Session 2: Murdstone or Peggotty?

Session 3: Rotten or ripe?

Session 4: Desert or Oasis?

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Life to the full – A4 Poster (word format)

Life to the full – Course invites (word format)