Expecting Christ – Transcript


4 Session – Transcript
Sets out the words as heard on the audio material in an easy-to-follow format. Cross-references with the track numbers on the course audio. Please click on the link below to view sample pages from this transcript:

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Expecting Christ

This 4-session course is just right for the 4 weeks of Advent – yet suitable for use at any time of year.

Comprising course booklet, audio and transcript.

About Expecting Christ:
The writer Graham Greene famously said that there is always one moment in childhood where a door opens and lets the future in. In this course written by Bishop David Wilbourne we look at several moments in our faith and lives where a door opens and lets Christ in, catching the sense of expectancy which not only comes at the season of Advent, but throughout the year. In particular, we will be thinking about how Christ can surprise us and meet us in four distinct contexts: in family, in ourselves, in prayer and in the end.

Four sessions:
Session (1) Expecting Christ in family
Session (2) Expecting Christ in me
Session (3) Expecting Christ in prayer
Session (4) Expecting Christ in the end

The course materials comprise a course booklet, audio, and a transcript booklet (which sets out the words exactly as spoken on the recorded material). The  course booklet and audio work hand-in-hand with each other, and both are essential in following the development of the themes raised in this course: family & community, prayer, personal faith and approaches to the end of life. The course booklet, written by Bishop David Wilbourne, includes a good choice of questions at the end of each of the 4 sessions, aimed at stimulating wide-ranging discussion.