Christianity made simple + free Rowan Revealed CD


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Includes free copy of Rowan Revealed CD

This bite-sized new book contains no complicated techniques or tricky materials, making it ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious. Christianity Made Simple is a short and to-the-point guide to Christianity. The beliefs and traditions of this major world faith are set out in just 96 pages.

  • learn the importance of Jesus Christ
  • find out about the Bible
  • learn how to pray
  • look at different Christian denominations
  • consider Christian experience of God in today’s world

Written by John Young, author of the majority of our course booklets.

“It is excellent. Written in simple straightforward language, the foundation and core of the Christian faith is set out clearly and plainly for all to see.” Mary Bartholomew – The GoodBookStall

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