By the Grace of God, I Will


Stephen Cottrell - Archbishop of York

Photos kindly supplied © Duncan Lomax Ravage Productions

Meet our new Archbishop of York!

To mark the occasion of his Enthronement as the 98th Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell was recorded in conversation with York Courses’ John Young in the latest Christian Conversation ‘By the Grace of God, I Will’

The 60 minute interview took place in February 2020, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown.

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Archbishop Stephen Cottrell said:

“It was a pleasure to speak with John about my journey of faith and some of the issues that are forefront in the Church of England at this time. A desire that remains within me is that I would love people to know that in Christ you can become yourself. That seems to me to be the heart of the good news, or how I would express the heart of the good news, for today’s world. I hope that as you listen to our discussion you can hear that together we are the body of Christ and we are all called to use the gifts we have been given to show God’s love, care and compassion to all those we meet.”