Build on the Rock: faith, doubt – and Jesus – Transcript


5 Session – Transcript
Sets out the words as heard on the course audio in an easy-to-follow format. Cross-references with the track numbers of the recorded material. Please click on the link below to view sample pages:

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Build on the Rock: faith, doubt – and Jesus

An ecumenical course for discussion groups in five sessions – ideal for Lent, yet not Lent specific

Comprising course booklet, audio and transcript

BUILD ON THE ROCK (Matthew 7.24) starts by looking at faith and doubt. Is it wrong – or is it normal and healthy – for a Christian to have doubts? Is there any evidence for a God who loves us? We hear from many witnesses. At the heart of a Christian answer stands Jesus himself. We consider his ‘strange and beautiful story’ and reflect upon his teaching, his death, his resurrection and his continuing significance.

Session (1) Believing and doubting

Session (2) Jesus – our teacher

Session (3) Jesus – our saviour

Session (4) Jesus – conqueror of death

Session (5) Jesus – Lord and brother