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The Teaching of Jesus

'The teaching of Jesus stands on an Everest alone' (Professor Sir Norman Anderson). This 5-part course picks up some of the key themes in Jesus' teaching e.g. money, heaven and hell, on being human...

5 sessions:
1. Forgiveness
2. God
3. Money
4. Heaven and Hell
5. On Being Human

This course, written by Canon John Young, includes questions aimed at provoking wide-ranging discussion. Each group needs 1 audiotape, plus a set of notes for each member.

The participants on the audiotape are Steve Chalke, Professor James Dunn, Dr Pauline Webb and Dr David Hope. Canon John Young provides the Closing Reflections.

Course components - you choose from...
The Teaching of Jesus Photocopyable Course Notes
If you are looking for a course with very practical outcomes, The Teaching of Jesus would be a good choice. This course has questions for groups.
Price :
The Teaching of Jesus Photocopyable Transcript
Sets out the words as spoken on the audiotape in an easy to follow format.
Price :
The Teaching of Jesus Audio Tape
Five 14-minute radio-style starters for group discussion.
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