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On the Third Day
A brand new 5-session course for discussion groups

ideal for Lent 2018 (or any time of year)

An ecumenical course in five sessions written by Bishop John Pritchard comprising course booklet, audio material and transcript; ideal for Lent, yet not Lent-specific.

Rationale: The resurrection is the Big Story that turned a little Jewish protest movement into a world-transforming religion. And yet by Easter Monday we’ve almost forgotten about it and are planning our summer holidays.

How can we re-capture the explosive power of the resurrection that ricocheted around the world?
How can we live in the glow of resurrection and be an Easter people?
How can ‘there and then’ become ‘here and now’?

5 Sessions:

1. Have I got news for you!
2. So what? The implications of the Resurrection
3. 'Let him easter in us'
4. Celebrating and praying Easter
5. A risen Church

The course booklet includes a good selection of questions at the end of each of the five sessions, designed to stimulate wide-ranging discussion. Each group needs 1 CD, and group members will benefit from having their own personal copy of the course booklet. In addition many groups find the transcript booklet, which sets out the words as spoken on the audio material, invaluable.

The participants on the course audio material are:

Tom Wright, NT scholar and former Bishop of Durham
Paul Vallely, journalist and broadcaster
Revd Ruth Gee, former President of Methodist Conference
Bishop Libby Lane

Course components - you choose from...
On the Third Day Taster Pack
Our convenient Taster Pack comprises 1 course booklet, CD and transcript - everything a Group Leader needs to assess, and then to prepare for, the new course. And you even save a few pennies too!
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On the Third Day course booklet
The course booklet, written by York Courses co-founder and best-selling author Bishop John Pritchard, includes a good selection of questions at the end of each of the 5 sessions, aimed at provoking wide-ranging discussion.
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On the Third Day CD
Five 14/15-minute radio-style starters for group discussion.
Price :
On the Third Day Transcript booklet
Sets out the words as heard on the course audio material in an easy-to-follow format. Cross-references with the CD track numbers.
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