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Build on the Rock: faith, doubt - and Jesus
"With provocative quotations on every page and plenty of human interest, this course probes more deeply than its gentle, friendly style might suggest. It also makes things as simple as possible for those running it ... John Young wears his thoughtful theology lightly, and the recorded sessions offer an interesting range of insights."
Church Times review Jan 2014

BUILD ON THE ROCK (Matthew 7.24) starts by looking at faith and doubt. Is it wrong – or is it normal and healthy – for a Christian to have doubts? Is there any evidence for a God who loves us? We hear from many witnesses. At the heart of a Christian answer stands Jesus himself. We consider his ‘strange and beautiful story’ and reflect upon his teaching, his death, his resurrection and his continuing significance.


A course in five sessions comprising course booklet, CD and transcript:

Session (1) Believing and doubting

Session (2) Jesus - our teacher

Session (3) Jesus - our saviour

Session (4) Jesus - conqueror of death

Session (5) Jesus - Lord and brother 

Please click on the Download button for a copy of our A4 leaflet about this course.

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The course booklet, written by Canon John Young includes questions aimed at provoking wide-ranging discussion. Each group needs 1 CD, plus a course booklet for each member. In addition many groups find the transcript booklet, which cross-references to the tracks on the CD, invaluable.

The participants on the course CD are the Rt Revd Richard Chartres, Dr Paula Gooder and Revd Joel Edwards.

Revd David Gamble provides the Closing Reflection at the end of each session.  

Dr David Hope - former Archbishop of York - introduces this course.

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Course components - you choose from...
Build on the Rock Taster Pack
Our convenient Taster Pack comprises 1 course booklet, CD and transcript - everything a Group Leader needs to assess, and then to prepare for, the new course. And you even save a few pennies too!
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Build on the Rock course booklet
The course booklet, written by Canon John Young, includes a good selection of questions at the end of each of the 5 sessions, aimed at provoking wide-ranging discussion.
Price :
Build on the Rock Audio CD
Five 14/15-minute radio-style starters for group discussion.
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Build on the Rock Transcript
Sets out the words as heard on the CD in an easy-to-follow format. Cross-references with the CD track numbers.
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