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York Courses produces a number of different products - see details below.

Please click on the Download button for a pdf of our current list of courses.

1. Discussion Courses

These are our major publications. Each new course is normally advertised from the end of the summer and available for delivery in early Autumn, ready for Advent - and for Lent the following year. We gear ourselves to having material available for Advent and Lent, because these are the most popular times of year for house groups to meet, but the courses are not season-specific and can be used at any time of the year.


We now have an extensive back-list of courses.

The course material consists of:


The Course Booklet with background for 4 or 5 sessions including:
o an article on the subject in hand,
o a series of questions at the end of each session for group use, designed to stimulate lively discussion
o helpful quotes and references connected with the subject,
o notes on how to get the best out of the material at the group meeting.

The CD with radio-style discussion starters for each session involving the voices of the guest contributors. Each 'starter' is about 14 minutes long. It can be played in full at the beginning of a session or stopped and started as the discussion goes on. CDs are track-marked for easy access to subjects under discussion.

The Transcript Booklet of the entire contents of the CD (or audiotape). Transcripts were first produced for people with hearing difficulties, but they have also proved to be of great help to group leaders as they prepare for the course. Some group members like to use the transcript to follow the recorded material in greater detail - which gives them greater confidence about joining in the discussion. It also enables them to go over the words of the contributors at leisure. The transcript cross-references with the track numbers on the CD, making it simple to find the start of each new question posed to the participants.

TASTER PACK: You can save money by buying one of our course Taster Packs. These comprise a course booklet, a CD and a transcript booklet of the CD (or audiotape) - everything a Group Leader needs to assess, and then prepare for, the new course.

2. CD Conversations & Topic Tapes

These are are exactly what they say they are – people talking about things they know about, which is always worth listening to.


They are not courses, though we understand some people have used them as such, which is fine.


They could also provide material for special occasions. They could be useful pastorally for people with particular issues to address. Or they can be simply listened to on your own. We hope they all offer some enlightenment.



3. Archbishop’s School Series 

Set of 7 Archbishop's School booklets

These seven booklets were commissioned by Dr David Hope when he was Archbishop of York. He wanted short, to-the-point, easy-to-understand explanations of subjects of specific interest both to committed Christians and those searching for faith. They were designed to be cheap enough to give away to enquirers but attractive enough not be thrown away.  And they were intended to engage the reader and encourage them to explore further.


The subjects covered are Prayer, Bible Reading, Evangelism, The Sacraments, Christianity and Science, Healing and Wholeness, and Life After Death. They have sold consistently and have been used in a variety of ways, including as the basis for discussions in groups and as gifts for those being confirmed. But basically, they are for everyone.

4. Books by John YoungJohn Young

John Young is a Canon Emeritus of York Minster. An author of more than 30 books/booklets, including Christianity- An Introduction and Christianity made simple (Hodder paperbacks) and Lord ... Help My Unbelief (BRF paperback), his work has been translated into several languages, including Chinese and Russian.